Our newest little furry addition to the family:

Roger Sterling. The JackiePoo. 


Who practically and thankfully landed in our lap. If you have spent any time around me in the last 6 months... you probably heard me mention (or go on and on) about dogs this speed...

And actually, that is what led me to Roger in the end. A chance happy hour with Roscoe:
one night while in El Paso. Amidst various other more important tasks at hand (Pony Party and all other things 2 and 4 year old 

related that happen in a day) and subject to many thoughts of cancellation, we still managed to squeeze our Roscoe meeting in at just the perfect time. Followed by a drive down the mountain, slightly out of the way so as to see my sister's new home... And the timing couldn't have been better. We ended up at a corner at the exact same time as two of my sister's friends out walking their 2 dogs, 1 baby, and 1 rescued fluff white, Roger, who, they explained, they had found 2 weeks prior roaming the park in their neighborhood, clearly homeless and in need of a bath+haircut. So the timing was perfect, as was Roger's size, precious face, name, and need for a home. Because as sweet as the people are who rescued him, they weren't really in the market for a new dog with 2 of their own, a child, a baby on the way and a move in their future. So in he settled with us, and from what we can tell, he feels right at home:

Hope you are having a great week! 

Roger Sterling Mad Men Pic


Le Sigh...

If these were in my possession (along with a rockin' pair of abs) I would not have any choice but to actually garden and bake in them as their descriptions encourage...
"Gardening Bustier"

No choice at all. So cute. 


Tennis Anyone?

I am a sucker for looking the part in athletics. Love spandex. Looove a tennis skirt. Love the idea of being a mountain woman so long as my entire wardrobe could come stamped with approval from Whole Earth or the like... Wouldn't you love to just go nuts in a store like that? But, inevitably, amazingness like these pop up

and you think "mountain what? gimme those...now..."and "yep, better throw those in too...they're...mountainy..."and ne'er a thought of nalgenes has a chance in your thoughts again... 

But, I do believe I might perform better when I can actually manage to pull something together that makes me feel a bit sporty spice... So, needless to say when WWD tweeted that the Araks Spring 2012 RTW 

"cited the style of 20's French tennis icon Suzanne Lenglen as inspiration" I hit the [key]pad googling. And here is what I found: 

And I do believe it looks like her outfits may influence her performance as well...



"A Pursuit On Flora"

My very talented friend, Mila working her magic on canvas:

For her "A Pursuit on Flora" series.  Aren't these so beautiful?

Love these, inspired by a certain fab apartment...

Love, love, love! Certainly on my wish list!
A bit more about Mila:

Favorite colors to paint with...I make my own paints using a mixture of oils and solvents in small jars mixed with high quality oil paints (either Windsor Newton or Old Holland paints) The base of my pallet is very tradition and always includes: Burnt Umber, Blue Ultra Marine, Alizrum Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Old Holland Violet Gray, and Titanium White. I get black from mixing BU and BUM together.  When painting with these limited colors the color range is shockingly vast for such few colors yet the value range is more limited which helps when painting realistically. 

Favorite color to wear...I love to wear turquoise jewelry.  I think it brightens complexions and compliments every skin tone. 

Favorite color that exists in nature? 
I get the flowers for my still-life paintings in the Chelsea Flower district in NYC. It's amazing walking through the market how many beautiful flowers are died offensively artificial colors... and I think "God knew what he was doing, so please just leave the beautiful colors alone."  

Favorite artists (a few) .... Euan Uglow, Jenny Saville, John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, and I love Monet's colors... so many more
Favorite genre? Traditional painting. I love paintings that require knowledge of the materials and how the artist handles them to capture a painting. 

Favorite museums in NY... The Frick and The Met

I have always liked the Marcel Duchamp quote " I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming."  I am almost predictable in that I contradict myself.  If I say my next set of paintings is going to be about "x" they end up about "y."  I don’t mean to contradict myself, but inevitably I do.  For example, I started the "A Pursuit on Flora" series and midway through decided I wanted to paint the still lives more abstractly, by the end I was painting realistically...

For more of Mila Dreher Hirsch's paintings visit her website at the link below: 


The Frick pic link


I'll have to admit I was skeptical that temperatures would drop below 100 degrees this weekend... but this is quite nice:

So nice, that if I were a pug, this is how I would spend my day...

Hope you're enjoying your free Monday!


By the way...

Is anyone else as happy as I am that it's finally September, and therefore, an excuse to venture out of bright colored toes and pretend like it's going to be fall before December? Dark toes, I have missed you...

Recipe for... Pretty

Typically, my favorite go-to sources for recipes come from the books and shows of this lady:

Often over the phone or in the kitchen of this lady:

Or gratefully recorded on my blog by this lady: 

And for those reasons I have never had much of a need to go find too many more. Well, not entirely true. But, I was so happy to receive an email this summer with this little gem of a recipe sent to me by Suzanne, a friend who actually just graduated from the Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she made things like this:

I love it and know you will too... 

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

And really, who would have ever thought to make a beet cake? I like. 

Hope you have a very happy, safe, and fun Labor Day weekend wherever you are spending it...

Picture: Barefootcontessa.com


Clearly, a Bit of an Obsession...

I have noticed 2 screen-shot images of this very same Giambattista Valli number on my desktop...

As well as one pulled from a magazine on my bedside. But, i just can't help it... 
...I'm just in love!

Hobbit House?

Oh sure. While it seems from the facade that the people who live here may have snuck some funghi straight into their tea cups

I'm not so sure I would mind living in a cozy little hobbit hole such as this...maybe especially on a sleepy Monday...

Or to have this as a Sunday cruiser...

Or these friends to follow me around! 

Sigh, dreamy.

Hope you're off to a great start of a new week!


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