chapter ii

chapter ii


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Our newest little furry addition to the family:

Roger Sterling. The JackiePoo. 


Who practically and thankfully landed in our lap. If you have spent any time around me in the last 6 months... you probably heard me mention (or go on and on) about dogs this speed...

And actually, that is what led me to Roger in the end. A chance happy hour with Roscoe:
one night while in El Paso. Amidst various other more important tasks at hand (Pony Party and all other things 2 and 4 year old 

related that happen in a day) and subject to many thoughts of cancellation, we still managed to squeeze our Roscoe meeting in at just the perfect time. Followed by a drive down the mountain, slightly out of the way so as to see my sister's new home... And the timing couldn't have been better. We ended up at a corner at the exact same time as two of my sister's friends out walking their 2 dogs, 1 baby, and 1 rescued fluff white, Roger, who, they explained, they had found 2 weeks prior roaming the park in their neighborhood, clearly homeless and in need of a bath+haircut. So the timing was perfect, as was Roger's size, precious face, name, and need for a home. Because as sweet as the people are who rescued him, they weren't really in the market for a new dog with 2 of their own, a child, a baby on the way and a move in their future. So in he settled with us, and from what we can tell, he feels right at home:

Hope you are having a great week! 

Roger Sterling Mad Men Pic


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