chapter ii

chapter ii


Tennis Anyone?

I am a sucker for looking the part in athletics. Love spandex. Looove a tennis skirt. Love the idea of being a mountain woman so long as my entire wardrobe could come stamped with approval from Whole Earth or the like... Wouldn't you love to just go nuts in a store like that? But, inevitably, amazingness like these pop up

and you think "mountain what? gimme"and "yep, better throw those in too...they're...mountainy..."and ne'er a thought of nalgenes has a chance in your thoughts again... 

But, I do believe I might perform better when I can actually manage to pull something together that makes me feel a bit sporty spice... So, needless to say when WWD tweeted that the Araks Spring 2012 RTW 

"cited the style of 20's French tennis icon Suzanne Lenglen as inspiration" I hit the [key]pad googling. And here is what I found: 

And I do believe it looks like her outfits may influence her performance as well...


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