chapter ii

chapter ii


"A Pursuit On Flora"

My very talented friend, Mila working her magic on canvas:

For her "A Pursuit on Flora" series.  Aren't these so beautiful?

Love these, inspired by a certain fab apartment...

Love, love, love! Certainly on my wish list!
A bit more about Mila:

Favorite colors to paint with...I make my own paints using a mixture of oils and solvents in small jars mixed with high quality oil paints (either Windsor Newton or Old Holland paints) The base of my pallet is very tradition and always includes: Burnt Umber, Blue Ultra Marine, Alizrum Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Old Holland Violet Gray, and Titanium White. I get black from mixing BU and BUM together.  When painting with these limited colors the color range is shockingly vast for such few colors yet the value range is more limited which helps when painting realistically. 

Favorite color to wear...I love to wear turquoise jewelry.  I think it brightens complexions and compliments every skin tone. 

Favorite color that exists in nature? 
I get the flowers for my still-life paintings in the Chelsea Flower district in NYC. It's amazing walking through the market how many beautiful flowers are died offensively artificial colors... and I think "God knew what he was doing, so please just leave the beautiful colors alone."  

Favorite artists (a few) .... Euan Uglow, Jenny Saville, John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, and I love Monet's colors... so many more
Favorite genre? Traditional painting. I love paintings that require knowledge of the materials and how the artist handles them to capture a painting. 

Favorite museums in NY... The Frick and The Met

I have always liked the Marcel Duchamp quote " I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming."  I am almost predictable in that I contradict myself.  If I say my next set of paintings is going to be about "x" they end up about "y."  I don’t mean to contradict myself, but inevitably I do.  For example, I started the "A Pursuit on Flora" series and midway through decided I wanted to paint the still lives more abstractly, by the end I was painting realistically...

For more of Mila Dreher Hirsch's paintings visit her website at the link below:

The Frick pic link

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