chapter ii

chapter ii


Love and Cherish? I do!

Anthropologie has always been one of those spellbinding places/companies/brands that just pulls you in to its wondrous little world full of all things imaginative and whimsical.

You find yourself looking at clothing you may never have before and convincing yourself that you will do that thing if you buy that outfit.

And really, aside from a few pieces here and there that never left your closet, it's awesome. It's awesome how clever and specific they are as a brand with the capacity to attract everyone regardless of their respective styles.

There's something that everyone loves about it... and fitting enough to the theme of love, their new website BHLDN (although a little tricky as a name) is very much something to cherish forever and ever.

It's so beautiful and fun that I just want to shout it from the rooftops.

 Definitely visit the website, by Clicking Here. 

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