chapter ii

chapter ii


eh- hem, hello?...ok... 

I believe, I  may owe you an apology.... if there is a you out there anymore. 

The thing is, well, there is no one thing. Maybe that's what got me into trouble in the first place, that there's not just one thing...well that and the heat. Seriously though. This is the opposite of dark cold day, after dark cold winter day depression that I've heard plagues those who live in climates where those types of days actually exist. 

This instead is the energy zapping, creativity blocking, grasshopper killing, hurricane defeating, not a drop of moisture in the sky, run for cover, dry heat of a Texas summer in drought. 
And while I may know for certain that the heat is le miz, I have reached a point in my media addiction where the lines have been blurred but are hopefully starting to re-gain their strength and structure. I mean, do you suffer from this? Constantly checking your phone, new messages, new emails, Twitter updates, Facebook notifications, blogs, news... and you just hear so much, that you feel like you haven't heard anything? Geez not to mention politics. Ugh. Or that even after such access to information, you don't really feel all that much more informed.... Anyway, I have been lacking a curatorial strength in my media give-intake lately. Not to say that I'm cured from the saturation, but a nice little summer break was just what I felt entitled to take considering it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. And because it's so hot there should be something you get a break from if not school anymore. 


Sorry about that, summer is my off season. If Palm Beach gets one can't Peeps and S'mores? 

I do hope you have been enjoying your summer, hopefully somewhere cooler than here or at least in a very cold pool.

Rain Photo
Palm Beach Four Seasons


Sal said...

So glad you're back!!

Caroline said...

Yay! I was so excited to see you on Lib's blogroll tonight!

Mal said...

thank you!

mc said...

totally agree. and keep peeps and smores coming! not that im one to talk... but peepsandsmores is special. love the updates.


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