chapter ii

chapter ii


Alas, Inspiration!

As I mentioned, I have found this heat [amongst many other things] "creativity-blocking" and it's just as the [thick!] fall magazines and new catalogs start rolling in that I have started feeling that old friend of mine inspiration knocking at the door again. FINALLY! It's been too long. And just to skim the surface of the happiness and ideas that stem from glossy pages abound with color schemes, patterns, prints, shapes, places, stories, ideas, nostalgia... I am just happy to celebrate, again, such creative genius as the new J.Crew From Russia With Love campaign.

I don't know what my thing is with sweaters, I think it's probably akin to winter-sufferers thing with sun, but this whole sweaters+ballerinas is so awesome. It's like a magical J.Crew cocktail: 2 parts dainty Degas, 2 parts preppy country club, and one part "You will never have this, so now you want it more" because if you actually tried to leave your house in a cashmere sweater with a tutu you'd look like a lunatic... or worse yet like you'd escaped the bin where they keep all those lunatics. (I guess unless you actually are a ballerina and have a need for a sweater...but even still)  Anywho, I'm happy about it, enviously so. Aren't you?

Yes. Yes, you are. 

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