chapter ii

chapter ii



And, one more thing that La Jolla is not short on is cars. Plenty of new, and plenty of really, really cute old ones. When it comes to oldies, I'm more of a Benz gal myself,

but this weekend we saw an old Beemer of this flavor: 

and it was just so cute! Visions of the life that little car fits into started floating around in my many poodles would fit into that, does an orange car require a tan? would you need a new brimmed hat every day?.... Until in an instant, the road was cleared, and there, in the metal (as in, "in the flesh") was the new.......


Simultaneous gasps... as our gazes locked in, mesmerized, captivated, as our heads spanned in the direction it drove, at a speed so relatively infinitesimal to its abilities... no doubt those inside were headed in the direction of somewhere fabulous...

We'd seen them in pictures, and have googled the old ones in a conversational "Would you rather" debate,

but very much loved seeing one in the real world for the first time. 
To me, this is the Royal Wedding of cars...the meltiest of all marshmallows...Am I wrong to think they are the coolest, ever?

I do not think so. 


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Sal said...

Haha- cute post Mal, I got a nice chuckle out of that one =)


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