chapter ii

chapter ii


Wakie Wakie...

...A phrase typically followed by, "eggs and bakey," but this Sunday, something new. Thank you, Lauren.  A Sunday pizza that is neither cold nor leftover, and will doubtlessly be delicious. 

"This recipe would be great for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner because the bulk of it can be made in advance.  And it incorporates eggs and smoked salmon, which I like any time of the day.

It's a smoked salmon pizza on whole wheat crust with egg, watercress, sprouts, tomatoes, and yogurt.  I promise you the sum is greater than its parts.  Here goes (for one, but double, triple, quadruple, etc...):

Preheat oven to 425.

Line a baking sheet with foil.  Place

1 small (8-10") whole wheat pita on the foil.

In a small bowl combine:

1 tsp. olive oil
1/8 small red onion, sliced into half-rings
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
pinch of chili falkes

Remove onions and sprinkle over pita, shaking of excess oil.

Slice 4 1/8-inch slices of ripe tomato and swipe in excess onion oil. Top pita with these evenly.

Sprinkle on pita:

1 tsp. grated parmesan or other cheese.  Bake 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and tomatoes wilt a bit. Let cool.

For Topping:


3 tbsp Skyr or other nonfat, thick yogurt.
1 tbsp finely chopped dill
1 tsp capers
S&P to taste
Milk or water to thin to saucy consistency.
Set aside.

When cooled, top pita with 2/3 yogurt mixture.  Drape with:

2 oz. sliced smoked salmon

Add 1/2 of remaining yogurt mixture to:

1 egg, and beat with fork until very smooth.  Season.

Heat nonstick skillet over medium for a few minutes, adding 1/2 tsp oil when hot.  Swirl egg about until it turns into a thin pancake and turn onto your cutting board.

Rinse and dry some greens.  I like watercress and sprouts.  Add these to remaining yogurt and toss.

Cut pita into quarters.  Slice egg pancake to 1/2 inch.  Place2 coils over each slice of pita.  Top with greens.

In life, making this dish is pretty intuitive, but I thought I would include all of the steps I went through...I think the roasted onion/tomato pita base would be good for a lot of things.  By itself, as an alternative to burger buns, with hummus and green veggies, as a crouton for some yummy soup...Or leave the pita out and top greens with ribbons of egg and smoked salmon."

Happy Sunday to you!

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