chapter ii

chapter ii


La Jolla

Back from a brief hiatus to lovely La Jolla, a week filled mostly with lessons in global economics
nerd. alert. 

and one little almond man to keep us going...

ended in a delightful little weekend of poolside ping-pong and "Johnny Rockets," the term we have deemed Johnny's new favorite cocktail concoction:

Johnny Rockets:
1/3 pineapple juice
1/3 club soda
1/3 mount gay rum

Result: 1 full smile.

The weather was perfection, 

the vegetation unreal, 

and no complaints per any meal. 

We got helpful info from frequenters and spent a bit of time searching the interwebs for other suggestions so here are a few recommendations all in one place if you happen to be heading out there anytime soon: 

1. Georges at the Cove, Ocean View Restaurant for dinner, where everything from George's famous soup to Mussels, Halibut, Fish Tacos (a signature dish everywhere), and an Asian Marinated Skirt Steak were scrumptious. And while the Mixed Berry Cobler was pretttay tasty, we had a hunch we maybe should have gone for the Creme Brulee... or perhaps Bread Pudding with candied jalapenos? I guess we'll just have to go back...

2.  The Cottage, for lunch/brunch. Equal parts delicious and charming. Their fresh baked bread gives you that "a-ha" this is what really good bread tastes like feeling... especially when you are a little chilly. And when I see "stuffed avocado" on a menu, my thoughts revert to Twin Sisters and so long as the avocado isn't stuffed with shrimp and allows me to drown in red wine vinegar, I'm sold. So that's what I had, and loved, with quinoa and chicken salad. The burger, cobb salad, and all the benedicts looked really good too. And me advising you about what to order there is completely unnecessary. 

3.  Crab Catcher, thinking lunch or dinner, but we went for dinner. Shell fish options were good, but pretty difficult to crack into especially when wearing clothes you'd rather not have juiced. Next time, I would ask them to go ahead and make some cracks in the shell so it's easier to eat, otherwise probably wouldn't bother? I think I was the happiest with my choice to go the Spring Roll/Sushi route... no complaints about a Spicy Lobster Roll here. 

4. Codys, brunch/lunch. We went on Sunday for brunch and were pleased as pie with the view, the eggs, the pomegranate mimosas, and a portabella sandwich with a bottle of Tapatio (isn't it bothersome when a restaurant only has Tabasco? Love a variety of sauces especially hot ones...) and a side of fries... Sundays, after all, are for carbs... 

5. The Whaling Room, at La Valencia Hotel, for a fun bar at night. Love the dark atmosphere with fun paintings,  and just about anywhere at La Valencia serves up their amazing sangria, so it's a no-excuse must, even if you're a boy. 

And 3 Places we wanted to try but didn't get a chance: 

Tapenade: French cuisine, Dinner, highly rated on Zagat and elsewhere on the internet, as well as by Johnny's parents who said they loved it. 

Whisk 'n' Ladle: for lunch or dinner, according to my parents we are silly fools not to have made sure to go here... so now we are back in Texas sad and craving it. Making sure that it's on our next list, and maybe we can prevent you from making the same mistake... 

Roppongi: for sushi... often a difficult sale for a dinner with JMo, and this time was no exception. We opted instead to have a Ribeye that night of course.... and a side of mac n cheese. America. Literally, especially after talking about Asia all week, couldn't shake the patriotism... But I've heard from various sources that the food is really tasty. 

Oh, and if you are going, don't forget to pack... me. 

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