chapter ii

chapter ii


What A Wonderful World....

This may be the best trip idea I have ever seen or could imagine... 

...Taking a cruise on the Halong Violet up Ha Long Bay, Vietnam...

 "It's a traditional Asian sailboat ["junk boat"] that's been outfitted with six ultra-luxe suites, and it's fabulous. The highlight of our trip was visiting Cua Van, a floating fishing village, where the chef caught fish to cook for us to eat. At night, the boat pulled up to an ancient cave with unbelievable stalactites and stalagmites for a traditional barbecue dinner served under romantic candlelight."--Jeff Klein, Departures

I love everything about the statement above and while I can't even begin to comprehend the sheer magic and majesty of the whole experience, I'm still having a fun time trying...maybe some day...oh! wonder where the royals will be heading...hmm

Departures Magazine

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