chapter ii

chapter ii


Timeless Treasures...

Last night was spectacular. One of those rare times in these casual days when words like "stunning" and "exquisite" come skipping hand-in-hand out of your mouth without any airs of pretension or over-exaggeration. Confident in their placement they find themselves in the right place at the right time, genuinely describing a feeling of awe and admiration of beauty-- a beauty unique in its connectedness to culture and craft, youth and tradition, history and of course, art.  

What a gift to see an unimaginable amount of hours worth of thoughtful research articulated through design and artistic execution that results in a kind of magical perfection that I'm skeptical exists in this fashion anywhere else.

The appreciation feels instinctual of beauty wrapped vibrantly in sophisticated whimsy that one could only hope for or expect from a Court of Timeless Treasures, and achieves an element of fun that may only happen in a place like San Antonio.... 

...and so I guess all I can really say to that is...Viva....
Hope you are having a Happy Fiesta!

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Anonymous said...

Your eloquent words, impressions and photographs are treasured by all who participate in this annual labor of love. Thank you. Would love to have your pictures.


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