chapter ii

chapter ii


McNay: New Image Sculpture

The current exhibit at the McNay: New Image Sculpture, is simply put, really fun. Every exhibit since the Stieren Center has opened has been something new and different for the McNay and this is no exception. The mission of the group of artists was to "create unique visions of the world we encounter on a daily basis." It's different, unusual, interesting, and often enough funny, which I love. So every turn you take essentially you have a new group of pieces by a different artist. 

A few highlights: 

Libby Black "You Never Call, You Never Write"

These were admittedly and ironically what got me into the exhibit... I kept driving by that big block the McNay uses to showcase exhibits and wondered what all those fabulous suitcases were doing inside...only to find I'd been slightly duped and was in fact one of those caught up in "a global obsession with luxury items" that Libby Black is critiquing/making fun of...they're all made of paper. But I'm going to admit again, they were all really cute and I would have taken photos of them all had I been allowed...did this happen to anyone else?

Mark Schatz "I Was Going to Make A Model of the Earth But It Wouldn't Stop Moving"

These were amazing. I couldn't not talk about them with someone, which ended up being a security guard and a darling little lady in electric yellow. Had I the courage, I would have asked her to be my best friend. 

Jean Lowe: "Loneliness Clinic"
I can't find many pictures of the actual "Loneliness Clinic" completely constructed of paper maiche, so you'll have to go see these "witty critiques of contemporary culture."

Sandy Skoglund: "The Cocktail Party" 
These "cheez-doodle" covered partiers are part of the creepiest party in town. I don't know exactly why it's so creepy, aside from the unexpected couple that moves.... but apparently "It is Skoglund's intention to trigger discomfort and self reflection...It is the darker side of her imagination...[she] is relentlessly focused on the production of metaphors that reflect human fear and vulnerability."

Plus it's just a spectacle to witness, so why not?

Anyway, if you're in San Antonio this weekend or will be here before May 8th comes around, it's worth a little trip through. 


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