chapter ii

chapter ii


Picture Me

Have you seen this yet?

It's really interesting... makes me think of being in New York a couple of summers ago working for escada during a market week and being in absolute awe at how flawlessly beautiful models are. I mean, hello captain obvious, but I'm serious.  Not to mention how sweet they are to each other, and everyone else. They are so young, some so far from their families, and endearingly innocent even with entrance into circles that I assume are far from...And it seems tricky that they are simultaneously nurturing and competing with each other.

The power and influence of beauty is certainly a very interesting subject and the narrator/main character/co-producer, Sara Ziff 
does such a great job leading you through an environment in which her role as a power-player allows you access to a world where very few are admitted, all done with a clear head on her shoulders and a strong tone of skepticism as to where it all will lead.  
It's an exciting, funny, sad, smart, interesting, and entertaining quick movie if that happens to be any of the emotions you're in the mood for...and Sara Ziff is no doubt, a S'more. 


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