chapter ii

chapter ii


Leave It To Cleaver

I'll just go ahead and call myself out on this one, because hosting a little anniversary party for our families last night turned me into June Cleaver...the nerdier more spastic version that may or may not have snapped at her husband due to his lack of flower arrangement enthusiasm. Beginning with a theme of Italian honeymoon-inspired appetizers, I kept my cool with charcuterie boards, burrata, antipasti, and the same bar snacks we enjoyed every night at happy hour with our favorite bar tender in the world, Genarro. The wines were Italian, the beers were...well, European. And the cucumber sandwiches were straight nerd. Nerdier still when I added slices of radishes so that the colors would be green, white, and red for the Italian flag. (And then went around explaining that during the party...)
I mean really. And they took forever which just got less and less cool.  But they did get more attractive than the one I snapped a photo of. But devoured they were by the end of the night so something must have been right. And the night ended up a very fun one spent with a wonderful couple of families, and a group of hilarious friends. Amidst very tragic events happening in other parts of the world, I am counting my many, many blessings. 

Hope you have had a great week and have plans for an even better weekend!

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