chapter ii

chapter ii


Food for Thought...and Table: Uchi The Cookbook

While I could only hope to create the majority of these dishes in my dreams, I have been loving reading Uchi The CookBook.
For me, the value comes through in the form of stories. Stories of personal triumph and serendipitous events, authenticity and artistic mastery, creative focus and cultural exploration, reverence and restraint. It is a fun portrait of a changing cultural and culinary history, true to the past but driving forward with unwavering momentum. 
It is beautiful, inspiring, full of respect for the food and the customer without giving into typical tricks of the trade a la thick sauces, smaller portions of fish, larger portions of rice, hidden seaweed... The Uchi experience is as genuine as it is impeccably delicious and my mouth is officially watering just thinking about it. Next time you are in Austin, a trip to this glowing little happy house is a must. Expect a wait, and lots of delightful appetizers to keep you happy. 

This is last meal worthy, salivating hazard to keyboard...Kona Kanpachi...I die. 

Happy Eating, and Happy Reading!

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