chapter ii

chapter ii


Do You Ever Get That Feeling...

The same feeling as when you're reading a really good book and start to get toward the end only to find yourself putting it down to savor and preserve the time you have left with it? Happy to have had the pleasure, sad to see it over. I was thinking about this the other day, how comforting it is that you don't have to feel that way about world's resource of amazing and beautiful things. That you could spend every day of your life seeking things to amaze, and never cease to feel that way. Beauty in nature, 
subtleties upon hearing you can't believe you might have missed, inspiring stories, animals-some you have never even heard of or could imagine,
people, the wonders and intricate perfection of nature... it goes on... Something I love so much/is feeding my Twitter addiction is following National Geographic (@NatGeoSociety) for their Picture of the Day/Picture of the Week. I immediately always think--"A picture every day? Won't they run out?" And then relief washes over and I get so excited knowing the answer is no. Isn't that wonderful? Certainly something to always smile about.

"The world is just awesome."

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Suz said...

Love this post, Mal. I've been feeling this way as well, lately. xxx

Sal said...

I love the little fox =)


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