chapter ii

chapter ii


Absolute. Obsession.

...And the delayed expression of it in the medium of blog... Last week when I found out on Twitter about Bill Cunningham New York I lost my marbles. I emailed and planned a field trip with Lauren to see it in Austin since San Antonio won't have the pleasure of hosting him... Then emailed it to my mom, who I knew would love his desire to capture photos of people in the dramatic, exciting, avant garde...And now I'm just counting down the days until I can see it, see it again, and then buy it.

First, I think he's just darling. Second, his photography is grounds for obsession. Thirdly, the perspective of the film should be so interesting-- that he lives in that little studio on that cot with minimal amenities...Such passionate, inspired, creative, authentic vision, obviously supremely inspirational--will be so good. Every bit of it. Watch the trailer below

And plan your field trips too. Hope you're having a nice week!

Link to On The Street with Bill Cunningham on NYTimes- where you could very easily get lost for hours...I recommend this. 



Suz said...

He took my picture (and spoke to me!) when he was here for fashion week. When I found out who he was, I fainted. love this post!

Mary said...

Saw this movie because of your blog's recommendation; such a lovely and touching story of a man with real passion. Thank you!


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