chapter ii

chapter ii



The title of this blog post might as well be the preface to my next post: Lollipops and Rainbows. 

Anywho, it's surprisingly cold outside again which always makes it fun to sit inside at my desk and get-a-posting. Two things on my mind today: shoes and puppies. I know. At least I'm wearing black because I'm having my first Elle Woods moment since my bend-and-snap yesterday when the mail came. But seriously, maybe it's because I just left LeeLee's Shoes:
And was in love with so.many.pairs. Or perhaps the pile of magazine pullouts next to me is responsible. Especially this particular layout from Elle, that I pulled out who knows how long ago, that always reminds me of the two subjects on the table for today:
Because this little puppers:
Is the cutest thing since his mother's outfit: 
And those daaarrrrling shoes that I'm obsessed with:
And I just wish I could bring all of those things home to me, and steal Casey Fremont's job (which would require that I also steal her talent too). At 26, she is the director of Art Production Fund, "a non-profit organization that has facilitated some of New York's most memorable public art projects in recent years." 
She says her job is to "inject art into everyday life." Which sounds like a great work task doesn't it?

As for now, I'm stuck with the task of convincing Johnny that poodles are cool...and that I'm sure no one will make fun of him for having one, especially one as cute as this. 

Hope you are staying warm and having a great day!

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