chapter ii

chapter ii


Our Haus...

Could actually be in the middle of the street; it could be anywhere really. 
Isn't it so cool? It's called the Kithaus K3, and is a prefab module that comes in a kit and can be used for whatever you might need. 

"What’s included? An MHS aluminum construction system, dual insulated windows and doors, data port and electrical connection box, finished walls, floor and ceiling and more. Imagine the uses – meditation room (inner space), clubhouse, personal getaway that can be booked by members of the main household … Larger modules are also available, at 17’ x 17’."

I very seriously would love to have one of these. My new dream in life (in addition to lambs, etc) is to have a vacation plot of land somewhere with a little village of Kithauses that each have a different theme...I don't want you to steal my idea, but in the event that you have the $60k needed to purchase one, let alone several, please invite me...and let me stay in the coolest themed one...


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