chapter ii

chapter ii


Matthew Ames

My relationship with the Matthew Ames website came about recently from a list of people/things to google. And while his designs are fun to see,
what I really love about the website is the photography from his "Past" catalogue. The photos are beautiful, clean and composed. They are simultaneously minimalist and striking, restrained and expressive. 

And if I have to choose one, I think this one is my favorite. It's the perfect costume choice for some sort of fantastical dream where you could actually look pretty out in the real world without giving any hint as to where your body is or leaving the comforts akin to being snuggled up in bed...a scenario that is only possible in a dream... 
Hopefully one I will have tonight...pleasant dreams! 

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i think i love all of them, they are all perfect costumes for magical anything! jaja great post!!


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