chapter ii

chapter ii


Is There Any Chance...

...and my fingers are crossed...that these dogs are really really cute??
I'm not sure if we have had this conversation before or to what extent I have slipped in the tidbits about dressing my baby children in lamb suits until they are old enough to resist...but bottom line is that there is something about lambs that just hits a very snuggly spot in my heart. 
Given that the odds are probably fairly slim that Johnny and I will be moving to a farm any time soon to make our own goat cheese, feed bottles of milk to lambs, fawns, calves, etc., sheer sheep and llamas for beautiful sweater wool,  grow our own vegetables, brew our own beer, and wake up to the crows of a rooster for ever after, it dawned on me last night while watching Westminster that maybe the simpler more likely option might be a Bedlington Terrier. 
Only catch is I'm not sure they are all that cute? I mean, yes they are, but are they? I don't think I've ever met one...does anyone have one of these? I feel on the verge of really thinking they're I'm trying out something new-- NOTICE on the left hand side under my "reading list" there's a[n anonymous] poll to vote whether or not you think they are cute...push me or save me.

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