chapter ii

chapter ii


In the Running

Ok Ok, So, the lamb dog might not have gone over so well, we will hold out for the real deal...but I don't mind exhausting all options before deciding on the animal that could be spending the next decade with us, so here are a few more options.

In no specific order, please consider the following: 
#1. The poodle I mentioned in an earlier post, that looked so much like a teddy bear I almost brought the magazine with his image in it to bed with me for snuggling. While a standard would be the ultimate, I think our new home would do better with something smaller... So this is the fun, furry, playful option. 

#2. A long-haired chihuahua, because look how cute that is! There are not many places it couldn't come with us for being so tiny and sweet. Almost like our own Giggy, and we could be Lisa and Ken, our two favorite characters from RHOBH. Plus, it would very successfully satisfy any void/secret desire for a fluffy lap dog. Regardless of how many people say "I only like big dogs...," I'm just not one of those people.

#3. The ever graceful
hilariously human, model-esque, velcro Vizsla. Would actually love to provide a girlfriend for our pal Laz. He needs one, and it would be beyond fun to have a litter of Vizsla pups in our home.

And the last two are the more classic Spaniel options:

#4. A cocker or English cocker:
because after a recent hunting trip Johnny is dead set on having a dog that is as friendly as it is skilled at hunting.


#5. A Cavalier:
Because that face is irresistible, and they are so sweet and calm...the traditional/ predictable? option...And I love my friend Amy's dog Max...maybe he needs a girlfriend?

My indecision has shown clearly why God doesn't let us choose what kind of child we can get... 

If you would be so kind...cast your votes!


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