chapter ii

chapter ii


For Your Eyes Only

After quite the extensive internet drought, here I finally sit in the happiest of cozy rooms safe from the frigid wind of a dark winter night, full strength signal, at an old partners desk, magazines spread on the floor, ipod playing, dinner cooking in the oven, glass of wine...and spend some time with my old friend peepsandsmores... Without much cohesion here are a few images and items I've come across in magazines or saved away in folders on my desktop that have kept me company, carried me away, lifted a brow... on the nights while my little mac caught up on his sleep, and my own closet lay in heaps...
The best red...gorgeous skirt...colors...

Marni store in Las Vegas




want. want. want.

January Jones for Versace

Paul Iribe

If only I were planning my wedding again...

Orange you going to magically appear in my closet by morning? 

Matthew Ames
Ended January with a great trip to a favorite city with favorite people and am striving for a more organized, inspired, and energetic February (filled with fun posts) and hope you are off to the same!


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