chapter ii

chapter ii


Sea Glass

My fair complexion pretty much ensures that beach hobbies won't have much chance for success in my hobby realm. Unless they are beach hobbies that can be done in the winter, wearing a sweater, on a grey foggy day. My childhood at the beach was spent crisped, stinging, and swimming in a t-shirt with zinc and hat, alongside a brother with a swimming cap and life jacket--it is a miracle we had friends. I preferred more shade,
and otherwise we stuck to more Texan activities:
So, what has spurred a new fascination with sea glass does not actually come from any personal relationship to the phenomena, more appropriately it comes from a bottle of wine I saw at Central Market last night. While Johnny was perusing the California Cabs, I zoned out and found myself looking at this bottle:

completely fascinated by the notion of sea glass. Maybe you have more beach experience and can enlighten me to the excitement or commonality of such a thing? The real thing, not manufactured glass for craft projects. Because the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. That these beautiful colored pieces of glass just wash up, from the mysteriously deep and vast ocean from some bottle, belonging to someone, somewhere, at some time.  There's something that seems really amazing about it. 
I guess it is produced because of the rough motion of the water and its salinity, which is odd when you associate glass being so fragile. But then these little treasures just wash up in different fun colors for you to find on a walk-- It's such a happy thought. It at least certainly makes me feel less guilty about tossing a few Heineken bottles over board into the Mediterranean last summer. The temptation just got too great a couple of times... eh-hem, Johnny, Zack, Moses....but who knows whose sea glass collection could wind up with a memento of my honeymoon/first married vacation? 

I know you're not big commenters, but really does anyone have any kind of sea glass collection? Is it amazing? I'm so curious... And, have you ever heard of "sea pottery"- talk about amazing.

It's pieces of china that wash up...with patterns and clues to where they come from...some from hundreds of years ago...who does this happen to? The only feeling I can equate would be finding a $20 on the street one time? So many question marks...And dot dot dots...Fill me in if you would please...

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Cara said...

Mal, we have a sea glass collection in Maine - it's not huge but there are some pretty cool pieces including the bottom of a green bottle (if I recall correctly) that has been roughed up. I personally LOVE seaglass, next time I am up there I will send you some. Much love!


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