chapter ii

chapter ii



I may be a super-peep for admitting the fact that my first inclination toward the appreciation for monograms came from Laverne and Shirley. Never having watched a single episode, I don't know whether those women were endearing or annoying, I just know that I liked that "L." I also very clearly remember my outfit for the first day of kindergarten: a pair of orangey red shorts and a white tee with "mal" in all lowercase letters monogramed across my chest in a similar orangey red color. Keds of course were my shoe of choice. The excited anticipation I had to wear that outfit was palpable for days, days that seemed endless at 5 years old. Mary Claire has always said her dream party would be to take all of your friends now, and meet them at a party where you are all 5 years old. Genius party idea; I have my outfit picked out already. All that aside, for some reason or another, I love monograms. I'm currently experimenting in my head with how to get some more in our new monogrammed bedding... 

And this picture is so perfect and happy to me:

and these are from an amazing place, Leontine Linens, I remember going into a few trips ago to New Orleans and hope to get to visit next weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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