chapter ii

chapter ii


"Landscapes of My Psyche"--Dorothy Hood

If familiar with the practice of objective interpretation to art or literature, intentionally subjective pieces can sometimes be a relief. For one you don't have to try as hard to ignore authorship, and the curiosity of why you are drawn to a certain piece becomes a bit more personal, maybe a bit easier to connect to. This was the case a couple of weekends ago when Fannie and I finally made it to the current exhibit at the McNay-- Landscapes from the Age of Impressionism in the Stieren Center. 

While we both loved so many of the landscapes, (and their frames!) there was one painting that we were both particularly drawn to. It was by Dorothy Hood and I wish I had an actual picture of it, but I'm always getting in trouble at museums taking pictures of things you're not allowed to. 
After researching her though, I've found more pictures of her work and interesting bios. Although admitting that each painting dealt with something certain and specific, she only hints with mystery as to what those events are.

The result is an oeuvre of giant paintings meant to "transmit emotion: joy, discomfort, mourning or anger;" each abstracted from a center of specificity that could stem from any number of issues from being born into a normal privileged family (beautiful mother and banker father) that took a turn for a worse, and crumbled to pieces, as well as from any of her experiences in travel, encounters and relationships with other artists.

Personally, in addition to the scale, I loved the layering, the colors, and the texture. "Light and dark were always clearly separated; the lines were clearly drawn; colors did not slip one into the other." And I'm now enjoying learning more of her story and looking forward to seeing more of her work.  If you are looking for a little outing this weekend, I highly recommend it!

Wishing you a safe, fun, and wonderful weekend!

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FanLew said...

That one at the museum was amazing, come see me in NYC soon and let's make a weekend of museum hopping and red wine rain dates!! Or snow or clouds or whatever this crazy east coast whether decides to throw at us!


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