chapter ii

chapter ii


"But Everyone's Doing It..."

...Is a phrase mostly associated with the peepside of things, but here at the front of a new year, I find myself obligated by the blogosphere to address the theme of resolutions and new beginnings. And while I don't feel like it is always an easy thing to resolve to have a body like this in 2011:

And a closet as organized as this:
Vivre Founder, Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti's closet

And to cook meals every night along any of these fresh delicious lines: 

from a new favorite website,

(And to of course do all of those things with a smile)

...I won't really knock resolution making. Resolutions have a s'morish sensibility in that I don't ever think that the process of evaluation and intention to embark in any sort of new direction is ever a bad thing, regardless of the outcome, it's always better to try it out.  It might be unrealistic to say that it's a new year and a new you and that the past is history, but it's just important to pick and choose what's coming with you from the past, what to build on. I guess resolutions are just another way to remind yourself to keep pressing forward. For me it will hopefully include learning more daily, taking new opportunities, and nourishing relationships old and new with good humor and open eyes so as not to miss out on the beauty that exists everywhere. Oh yes, and a stellar bod, organized closet, and chefly ability to prepare din din for Johnny and friends. I'll wait for next year to cut down on spandex. 

Hope you're off to a great start in a new year!

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