chapter ii

chapter ii


P.S. I Made This

I am slightly more envious of the P.S. I Made This DIY skills than even you might find yourself being, with quite a personal history with the thought process of "Sure, that's easy to do" and ending up with a mess of glue, thread, and something unwearable. Mary Claire knows this well. Although, the one project that sort of worked was gluing some "jewels" on to some black skimmers in high school in efforts to make Marc Jacobs more affordable. Or did they work?...hmm.. But that's what high school's for, getting away with things. Nowadays, homemade clothing slides a little less.
However, this blog and accompanying book are starting to put me back in the mood for sure. 
Their ability to transform inspiration into an actual cute and wearable creation is so fun, and so much more successfully executed than I've ever been at this...I can't wait to try one of the projects... 
So cute, no?

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