chapter ii

chapter ii


NYcap:Jean Pigozzi

[Apologies,late posting, written last Monday]

Back in Texas where blogging is the last thing that I should be doing, yet here I sit doing just that while simultaneously being "productive" by considering different shades of grey that might make for a nice new wall color in our hopefully sooner-than-later-to-be home. And I must say, that this last trip to New York may have been one of my favorites. As per usual, I went in with a lengthy list of places and things to do and wrapped the trip up with about 1/10 of those checked off. However, I will say that I rarely had want for more energy- something about this trip was very energetic. Maybe because of the holidays+husband+friends, or maybe because each new visit you feel a little more capable to handle it. 

One highlight in particular was our day Friday. Arriving in the city at about midnight on Thursday, we basically headed straight to The Jane for a bit of dancing...during which a phone was lost. Frantically, everyone searched while Johnny calmly called the phone repeatedly until finally an answer. His face lit up at the fact that "It's a girl!" You would have thought someone had a bebe but in reality I think he just assumed that as long as it was in the hands of a girl it meant that the phone wasn't stolen, or at least not intentionally. 

So she gave us her number and we tracked her down the next day to the Gagosian Gallery.  So, we retrieve the phone, chat with the girl, laugh about the night before and decide to take a spin through the exhibit on her floor. 

Serendipitously enough after sleeping too late and a lengthy lunch at 21, we happened to enter the gallery just as the photographer on exhibit, Jean Pigozzi, was touring through with an interviewer.

So we chatted with him, telling him we loved his photos, thought they were hilarious, and shared anecdotes about Vizslas and Weimaraners. Apparently his Russian neighbor complains that his seven Weimaraners bark too much because they probably haven't been fed enough, to which Pigozzi responded that if he doesn't complain about his Russian neighbor's helicopter making noise (as it pulls back into home in France) then the dogs barking shouldn't really be an issue either... Which in a nutshell proved to be quite an indication of the tone of his photos.

They are full of celebrities at ease clearly shot through the lens of a close friend. The result, a collection of snapshots among the likes of Daine von Furstenberg, Tom Ford, Jack Nicholson, Carla Bruni, etc etc., of the nature you might expect to find on Facebook tagged by one of those friends who gets a kick out of uploading pictures of friends who prefer to be posed and poised but have been found squinty-eyed mid-cheeseburger bite at 2 am...because that's when they're being unguardedly themselves. 

They are genuine, hilarious, candid, and so fun to see-- all words that could describe our encounter with him. A total s'more. So we headed back down to the street on to our next adventure, stepped outside into the crisp winter weather as it started to get dark. Looking up across the street, a white tulle veil being fluffed revealed a bride having a fitting at Vera Wang.  So charming. Simultaneous life happening everywhere, and in such a small proximity, only in New York. 

If you happen to be there, it's a fun stop (Picassos are a floor down): The Gagosian Gallery

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