chapter ii

chapter ii


Field Trip: Hubble 3d

So, until yesterday the only Hubble I really loved was this little Hubbabear:
But, after seeing Hubble 3d yesterday on my first field trip with the Mo's, I now have two Hubble loves. 
The movie is absolutely magnificent replete with that chilling awareness that sneaks up on you when you are thinking about space...endless, dark, all encompassing, mysterious, well as a sense of pride that stems from all of the scientific, technological, and courageous accomplishments by NASA and the U.S.  

In sheer awe and appreciation,  you can't help but recognize that inventiveness is precious--something to cherish, reward, and protect. The Hubble telescope is without a doubt one of the most remarkable inventions of all human kind. Furthermore, the skill and precision with which the astronauts featured in the movie repair one of its lenses is amazing, likened to performing brain surgery wearing oven negative 200 degree temperature...while floating around in that gravity-free spans of black...while the clock ticks...

Then, the actual footage captured by the Hubble. 
My. My. 

Breathtaking. From star nurseries (how cute is that? that's what they called them), to star deaths, galaxies, constellations, nebulas, and billions upon billions of stars, the Hubble has captured wondrous and unprecedented images of natural beauty that you have to remind yourself are not fake.

In closing, one of the astronauts put it well saying that when they finally made it to the moon, they discovered Earth--and that perspective is maybe what it's all about. "The world is just awesome."

While waiting for the next showtime (the 3d is awesome!)--amuse yourself by clicking through the Hubble Photo Gallery.

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