chapter ii

chapter ii


Classic Curls

Someday, I wish I could meet Johnny's drone tones of "When will you be ready??" "Are you ready yet?" with "I've just got to finish doing my hair" and then raise the stakes by appearing with something like this:
as my hairdo. (Maybe we could throw the eyebrows in for good measure...)

Just, you know, to go for a dinner date or to see a movie. (Perhaps the ticket to increased choosing power?) Though of course if I'm throwing wishes out I'd probably rather want to be able to do something more along the lines of this:
(which might guarantee a giggly [stumbly] walk home in the wee hours?)

Or of course just straight up snap my fingers for color like this:

from my previous post.

Anywho--distractions distractions--I just think there is something too charming about that hair not to mention it. Although, I fear you may need more facial angles and more than likely in my stick-straight-case, an entire can of hairspray... Or is this forever a "do" that's most appropriate place is atop your grandmother's head in family photo album? But I just like it!  Am I off on this one?

Curls or not, have a happy weekend!

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