chapter ii

chapter ii


A Castle To Call Home

Wouldn't you like to call this home? At least now, after the years of work put into restoration. Or maybe that would be half the fun... 

"First, there's structure, architecture, and bones. Then you add wit and harmony to live happily."
"Michel is a magician, and the house is like a theatre," the wife says. "You can dress it up, bring out the silver and have a glorious black tie party by candlelight in the big dining room. Or you can have the most wonderful picnic down in the cherry orchard with local wines and cheeses accompanied by an American jazz band."  

Every detail is so specific, authentic, and charming. It's one of those spaces, the best of spaces, where the design and connectedness to a personality and vision is so clear. 

From Veranda July/August 2009

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