chapter ii

chapter ii


Tipple Time

I'm not sure why I feel so prematurely decisive right now, but Gin is sounding tasty for tonight. Maybe just for one crisp cocktail. It's one of those tastes I have been trying to graduate to atleast by the time I'm a grandmother. Thanks to Hendricks (and the article in Vogue my mom read a few months ago) I think I might be waiting in line for my diploma.

Then, in a moment of boredom today I googled Hendricks to see what it is that makes it taste so different. Not exactly like the Christmas tree taste I have heard people describe, but something else. Really quite delicious. And anyway, their website is so darling. And I learned a new word to boot.


It's whimsical and quirky, and just made me thirstier. You should just go there to see how cute it is. 

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