chapter ii

chapter ii


Swatch Watch

I think it was my first time buying a Swatch that has planted them in a highly nostalgic place in my memory. I went with my Nana to the mall, picked one out with polka dots all over, even got a face protector you know those things that clipped on so they wouldn't get scratched? I liked it because it reminded me of a retainer, something I really wanted at the time... Kids are odd. Wore it to Fiesta Texas and thought that things probably couldn't get much better than this. Then I picked them up again in high school because I thought they were artsy and clever. Now, I'm starting to think I might be interested again....

and this yellow if you are either, Scarlette, or way tan and one of those people who wears tons of bracelets

and a fun little pop of red?

this could be a color me beautiful maybe

I think I might just Love them again. 


ELF said...

I stumbled upon the Swatch store in San Fran this summer when I was visiting Watt and left with that hunter green one. I love it! I tried to convince Watt he needed one too but he didn't go for it :/

Mal said...

I think the green one is my fave! And that is hilarious. I wish you had matching swatches...


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