chapter ii

chapter ii


Red with Envy

While touted for her supreme sense of style, it's Taylor Tomasi-Hill's hair color that keeps catching my eye. After chopping my hair a couple of weeks ago and feeling like an embarrassed poodle after a grooming, now I'm embracing the change and tempted to make another. I wonder how it might be to go a little red...I just love it, Love it so.  
So, I googled about and found more images to pine [green] over with envy.
Not to mention the amazing shades.

And this is perfection. 

And sadly found this:
Blast. A best kept secret. (Not that I'd be skipping up to NY anytime soon to have my hair did)
But in the end I was happily distracted by all of the rest of awesomeness on
Shop owner Kristen Lee

Jewelry Designer, Meredith Kahn

And interested to know that Taylor is not only from Texas, but from Dallas and went to HP, pretty fun, no?

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ahhh i love her warm red hair. An accessorie I will forever covet but will never be able to pull off.

Ah! And now i love her more bec she's from Texas.


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