chapter ii

chapter ii


Poised in Pink

I love all of these pink touches, and find that they are just that: poised. Each is a different shade, but perfect for the setting. Not over-eager, nor the show stealer, offset with the unexpected, touches here and there to bring in a feel of warmth and femininity, charm, and elegance. These pinks all seem to be chosen with thoughtful specificity. Although welcome, no princess needed. 

I love this, rustic but feminine, detailed without clutter, clean with color and personality. Lots of character.

I saw her a few years ago on and thought she was the sweetest little tiny- pink or not. 

My bridal bouquet

Sketches, of which Beau Watson has a plenitude more of stunning ones.  I'm particularly in love with this one...and so many more. 

Our room at Scalinatella in Capri

Manolo Blanhnik via HabituallyChic

So subtle, so pretty.

Photo credits (Please forgive/email me if I'm missing one, some of these photos are older)

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