chapter ii

chapter ii


If You're in Austin this Weekend....

Lucky and his wife, Kim

Or any other weekend or night of the week (I think it has to be in the evening-but trailer hours can change you know) you should definitely get one of these sandwiches. They are at Lucky's Puccias on 5th Street right outside the Tiniest Bar in Texas. If you go while Tiniest is still open, they make a tasty little bloody to keep you company for the ten minutes the puccia takes to make. (There's a brick oven in there!)And if you go on Saturday nights you can usually hear Meat and Bread DJ fun [non-wookie] music.

Bring them for late night and it'll feel like getting your license first... you will be everyone's new best friend...They're so delicious, I wish I had one right now.

They like them over at Texas Monthly too. 

Photo from Texas Monthly

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