chapter ii

chapter ii



New obsession (even though somehow it has managed to make it to a Season 5 without my discovering it): Iconoclasts on Sundance Channel. Interesting and inspiring, Iconoclasts pairs two icons from one realm or another covering a list of fields from science to fashion, film, basketball, art, magic, and s'more.
At the intersection, paralleling commonalities between the two seem to be a given. There are elements it seems that all "iconoclasts" must have in common.

So the show becomes an illustration of these two worlds coming together, the way they compliment each other, and the respect each has for the other's talent, skills, vision, passion, etc. But, it doesn't just end there, it's clear to see that the intersection provides a new place to jump from, a new path for them (and maybe you) to discover. So it's creative and full of possibility. Often enough it delivers a feeling of awe, which I'll take just about any time of the day, any day of the week. 

I can't wait to watch all of the ones I have yet to see. 
CLICK HERE for Sundance website

Hope your week is off to a great start and only gets better!

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