chapter ii

chapter ii


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Of course, for a few years Christmas overshadowed it by bearing gifts along the lines of GeoSafaris, bean bag chairs, and new accessories for my "school room," but the older I get the more it's Thanksgiving that really succeeds in delivering a sense of fulfillment and gratitude that I really treasure. I think this year in particular, as someone newly married and always curious as to what our future holds, I am thankful for creativity in its many forms. And while I include in that statement the more seemingly superfluous modes of creativity in comparison to all that we should be thankful for, I am also talking about creativity born from the fact that we are independent people capable of making decisions and creating great things. May seem simple, but it is so essential to everything.

I'm thankful for it in the sense that all of our parents had the vision and freedom to create our families the way that they have. That they could have as many children regardless of sex that they wanted, and that because we live in this country could provide us with a myriad of opportunities.  I'm also thankful for an artistically crafted Thanksgiving meal, not only because it will undoubtedly be scruuumptious but because sitting down at a table with all of the aforementioned siblings and parents on the receiving end of a meal so carefully thought out and skillfully executed is a gift, and an experience to cherish.  Add to my list the tools and methods we (as Americans, ie doctors, scientists, lawyers, authors, etc.) have been able to create in order to shape, learn about, and enhance the world we live in.
And lastly,  I'm also thankful that this day comes every year to remind everyone of the fact that we live in the best country, with access to the best opportunities, and the freedom to decide just how we'd like to participate in creating the lives we lead, and how important it is to recognize and protect that creative freedom as we go forward. And I'm thankful for all of the love, joy, friendship, and fulfillment that we are so lucky enough to be able to enjoy this day, even when so many other people around the world cannot. 

I wish you the very best s'morishly Thanksgiving yet! 


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