chapter ii

chapter ii


Style S'more/Personality Peep

It's hard to say about someone who via episodes of "The City" I understand to be so basically, well, awful--but there's no denying that Olivia Palermo is really cute. There I said it.  And I guess that's the way things go sometimes, as a constellation for having a bad personality at least she looks good. I literally wish I could look like this every. day: 

Only with a genuine smile,a bit more warmth, a good sense of humor, and a bit bigger caloric allowance but with her same figure.Oh! And her cute pup too.

After all that cuteness how to classify her in P&S terms?? A style s'more and a personality peep? Think that'll do just fine...


Suz said...

I hate thinking she's cute too, but she certainly is. Why isn't her smoking hot boyfriend carrying any of those bags or dog? They both suck, yet are so frustratingly good looking.

Sibley said...

i love all your posts!


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