chapter ii

chapter ii


Street S'mores

While slightly skeptical as to whether or not the new Wall Street would be as good as the 80's original,
I left the theatre last night pretty pleased. Clearly, Carey Mulligan is a born s'more,

but I wasn't so sure about Shia Labeouf. It turns out,however, that he's quite foxy in his own young right (as opposed to silver)- boxer briefs, motorcycle, skinny suits, and all.

Because skinny suits remind me of Cary Grant, never a bad thing.
And because Carey [M.] and Shia are actually dating in real life, I have a hard time not turning into quite the melty marshmallow over a photito like this:
Additionally, before I got in trouble in the movie theatre for having my phone out, tsk tsk?, I happened to snap a few photos of Michael Douglas's awesome apartment...

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