chapter ii

chapter ii


Small Things

Oh has been a little while... so to wrap up a few things I have been up to in the non-cyber world:

Your book suggestions (although only a few, eh-hem John Bell emailing doesn't count) were great and I am currently thoroughly enjoying: 

Little Bee, on the kindle, which I'm also really enjoying.

Am happy to have found a few new treasures at RoundTop, and witnessed the always creative, often a little bizarre, and surprisingly stylish crowd that made it to the fair last week. 

Pleased that I actually succeeded in getting Johnny to the Blanton for an opening, Turner to Monet.

Am also happy to have had the opportunity to wear sweaters in Brady, enjoy some arroz con pollo, and see Tom and Lauren on The Food Network...

And looking forward to a fallish weekend in Austin...the weather is perfect! And perhaps a new little niece on the way! 

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