chapter ii

chapter ii


The Selby

I came across this website in an unusually usual way, sent over by a friend...who may or may not have shared a lip lock with one of the people featured on the site. After an intrigued chuckle over his page, I got lost in all of the amazing spaces of everyone else. It has me wishing I had closer proximity to such creativity.  And I love love the little questionnaire part and hope to start doing some of those myself soon in hopes of featuring some of my favorite s'mores...But definitely, check out The Selby when you have a free moment. 
And who wouldn't like to use a huge vintage Louis Vuitton trunk as a chest in their home? This one is from the Louis Vuitton family home...  

Wouldn't you love to have a fancy tea party?

I love exposed dishes in the kitchen...and while that may be a while away, does that mean it only really makes sense to have white cookware? versus the red that I was originally liking?

Oh how I would loooove for this to be my home. Books and a nook+ladder and husband=heaven.

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