chapter ii

chapter ii


Autumn de Forest

Prior to our last trip to New Orleans, we had an email chain circulating that post trip we haven't completely been able to let go of. It's nice to have a little dialogue that picks up back where you last left off--or to have people to quickly send a picture of a hilarious character you just happened to catch on TV that takes you right back to a perfectly organized little white nautical room in McElvaney about six whole years ago....
"If the moon was made of cheese would ya eat it? I would, I'd have seconds."

But, it's also handy for when people send out things that really are a bit awe-inspiring--including this article from Graham about an 8 year old artist.  After reading the article and googling Autumn de Forest, I ended up on her website where you can see some of her paintings. They run you the same risk of emotions as probably your first introduction to Tavi--that being happiness and jealousy all rolled into one.

Don't you just love them?

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