chapter ii

chapter ii


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What has been keeping me busy...and very happy! 
precious lil reclaimed terrier, beautiful green coral, burlap printed chairs, and these cool bottles from a chemistry lab in the 60s but haven't been used
love these chairs--they look like they are supposed to be constructed of leather, but instead are nickel, and surprisingly comfortable, they'd be v. cool in a bachelor pad, or juxtaposed elegantly with antiques. and the letters are so fun for kids rooms.

we loved these illustrated little plates, to use for jewelry or soap, or just whatever, but they have cute little bugs on them. and the bud vases are sweet too...oh yes, and Gomez the Poodle on his bookends

i am, and have always been ob-sessed with porter chairs...i dont know if everyone else has this affliction, but mine is very firm. 

love our bar stuff, these bottle openers are so fun/funny, perfect gifts, or fun just to put out at home or the beach, or wherever, plus we love the grainware and the sweet impressionistic paintings, cocktail anyone?

great little lip glosses in cute gift boxes

gift sets- soaps

treat your feet-- pumice stones

hammered metal chest of drawers, with fun patterned aprons (they have matching mits and cute skirts too)

these. candles. are. awesome. and the matches are fun too!

love peacocks, and these bags are great. they are on burlap, and would make a great bag to fill with lots of goodies for a friend's birthday or a kitchen shower...stick in a bottle of wine and an apron? or just use for a cute tote.

mirror set in reclaimed wood, very pretty!
And hopefully, I will have a few spare moments this week where I can catch you up on some s'morish happenings I haven't had a chance to update....Hope you're having a great week!

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