chapter ii

chapter ii


New S'morleans

New Orleans for us has always been one of those places where you just show up, and without having much of a plan manage to make it through the weekend having had the best time in a way that makes you feel like things just happen for you. Something about the people, food, art, homes, and general mentality have an ability to come together in a magical way, especially if you know how to do it right. 

Years prior, we've made it through endless parade routes, and conquered more cajun food than probably even the invasively obese man I sat next to on the plane home yesterday. But after a trip like this last one, not even physical contact with his folding stomach rolls pressing against my arm could put me in a bad mood.

Aside from staying with our favorite hosts, Sarah and her parents,  in our very favorite place in New Orleans, their home, we took a new approach to the city albeit with some of our old tricks... 

Our first stop on Friday night was this great tapas place on Magazine Street called Baru. Aside from the company, my two favorite things about Baru were chimichurri and BYOB. Along the way from Los Barrios in SA to Perlas in Austin, I think I'd be very happy with chimichurri on a deserted island.

Saturday started with what seemed like a fun touristy idea to take the street car down St. Charles to the French Quarter to have lunch. After being yelled at by a sassy New Orleanian street car driver, and jostling our nauseous bodies down the neutral ground for about 30 minutes, our excursion halted due to construction and we were directed to new seats on the city bus..... Atleast it had AC. But, after the last foot stepped down from the city bus--a DOWNPOUR ensued. Screaming and laughing we sprinted to the nearest place to buy 8 umbrellas, a Saint's football T-shirt, 1 voodoo doll, and continue on our this place:

the 200 year old Napoleon House.

Where we snuggled into a booth, ordered Pimms Cups and so many rounds of milk punch you would have thought we had no idea what a calorie was...then laughed so hard it might have qualified as exercise. Post lunch we ended up on Bourbon, which is never a place we've really been fond of aside from a very special party for Sarah during Christmas at the 160 year old, Antoines.

Aside from being peep infested, Bourbon is a shocking reminder that opposable thumbs do not a sophisticated human make. So after Alabama won (very exciting news to 3 of our roll tiders), and some intentional ignoring of poor Texas's defeat (which is okay because Mack Brown is smokingly s'morish, which obviously is more important than a touchdown here at P&S) we decided a late dinner would be perfect, and that's just what it was. 
Walking in to La Petite Grocery, (also on Magazine) we found ourselves distracted from our incessant conversations and delighted by the warmly glowing ambience of what we would learn about 4 seconds into reading the menu was also going to be a-ma-zingly delicious. Good call, Lauren. 
(pictures here were minimal because I really started to look like someone who has never left her house)

A round of lobster beignets, mushroom ragout, and peppers with goat cheese later, we were faced with apple and celeriac salads, and roasted beets followed by savory bread puddings, shrimp and gritz, lamb and handmade pasta. Luckily there were 8 of us. And then, as if all of that wasn't comes our sweet (and cute) waiter with the dessert menu. Eyes scroll down...and what do we see...none other than: S'MORES! 

Bingo. We have a winner! What luck? And when the deconstructed s'more of perfection(and creme brulee, and caramel bread pudding) arrived, it (and they) blew us out of the water. Soooo scrumptious! And so appropriate! We could hardly believe the coincidence. 
With one last round of cheers, and many thanks to the restaurant for being so nice to us even though we closed the place down... we ended our night at this really fun, cool,[clean]contemporary bar housed in a charming old southern structure called Oak
Opened by a lawyer gal tired of being a lawyer gal, Oak was awesome. The interior consisted of clean shades of neutrals and whites, with really neat textured tiles behind the bar, fun bold patterned booths, mod styled chairs, bright large scale paintings on each wall, a piano in the corner, and a fun mix of old, new, and brass music playing throughout.
We also closed it down-- Two for two. It was the cherry on top of our day, only to be followed by a  home-cooked breakfast birthday party, heartfelt hugs,  promises to get together again soon, and a full happy heart that only comes from having been with your favorite people and on your way back home to the favorite one you've missed. 

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Maggie said...

It sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic weekend! My best friend and I are going to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH - America's Roller Coaster Capitol! in a few weeks, and I can't wait! I hope we have as much fun as you ladies did! :)


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