chapter ii

chapter ii


Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City

After a peppery ceasar and grilled cheese lunch at Counter Cafe, followed by a[nother] pumpkin spice latte, a nice little Sunday drive, and intermittent bouts of showers and shine, I am looking forward to an afternoon free for reading and an evening of our shows. The combination of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire is an unbeatable one. I have no doubt Boardwalk Empire is going to be dynamite. After Gatsby, who doesn't love all things 20's-- and after The Departed, who doesn't love Martin Scorsese?... (and if you have a brother like mine,

it's impossible not to find mob related material of interest) But, I'm especially excited to see props, costumes, and how they illuminate a dazzling 20's scene. Because while Martin Scorsese is an obvious  super s'more,

I'd be willing to bet that costume designer John Dunn's no peep either.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday, and have a nice start to a new week!

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