chapter ii

chapter ii


Just one of those days....

You know those mornings when you feel like rolling out of bed but have to jump instead? Then you end up at Starbucks getting suckered into a delicious pumpkin spice latte that they just so happen to be sampling, adding an English muffin sandwich to your order, covering it in Cholula and before you know it- here you are at 500 calories and it's barely 10 o'clock. Ruh. Roh...

So you swear off all but clear soup, sashimi, or barley green and carry on. But, just like every day, here comes 2:30, right on time, and you start feeling a rittle bit hungry again. Visions of Mexican food dance through your head. Or maybe something a little bit fried? Just a little... So you text your husband, "Any chance you'll have 30 free minutes to sit with me while I have some runch?" 

And because he's busy (probably being healthy and productive)

the cosmos reply for him instead by auto-correcting the foreign word "runch" and turning it into...wait for it...........tubby. A small line of perspiration appears on your brow accompanied by the pink cheeks of embarrassment. You quickly get to work explaining in bubble after green bubble in your chat window that you didn't mean to say "tubby" that it was the auto correct!, and never to associate the phrase "sit with me while I have some tubby?" with the image of your adoring wife....

And then, like a stroke of genius/ slap in the face, you think of Tre [Trattoria].

Reach for the phone, push tempting notions of Sopressata and Bolognese out of your head, and order the Tuscan Farro and the Golden Beats....and totally redeem yourself! (said in the Dumb&Dumber voice in your head, gifting you a little giggle)

For about $8 I might add, and I suggest that you do something similar sometime soon...without the whole tubby part...

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