chapter ii

chapter ii


All You Need Is...Shades

As Labor Day approaches, and your last chance to spend a summer weekend soaking up a bit of sun and spending time with friends before fall schedules pick up some momentum, you may be wondering what all you should pack and take with you for the weekend. Appetizers? Fun cocktail ideas? Playlists? A cute new suit? The list goes on, but sometimes, simplicity reigns and all you really need is just a great pair of shades. Which is why Zack, the Shade Master, has offered up a bit of insight to his evergrowing, extensive, eclectic, and fantastic collection [read:addiction]. And it's just plain great- Enjoy!

Which pair is your favorite and why?
My pair of Bausch & Lomb wayfarer II's with pink/purple lenses are my most prized pair of shades.
The combination of wayfarer lines and classic tortoise shell, mixed with colored mirror tint, is a union of many years and styles of sunglasses. This mix of styles was the reason I had to have these glasses.

How did you get started on your sunglass kick?
Tommy the Ginger first introduced me to vintage sunglasses. He has a pair of Ratti 803's that are super cool, and unlike anything I had seen, but they were too square for my face. I set out to find my own pair of semi-unique sunglasses and stumbled upon, a website that has 1000+ vintage sunglasses. I bought a pair of B&L RayBan Gatsby's, and that started an addiction that probably won't ever be kicked. I'm addicted to having sunglasses that nobody else has. The guy that owns the website can find me any pair of sunglasses that I'm looking for, and emails me when he finds a pair that might catch my fancy. So in reality, he's a drug dealer.

Do you have a favorite time period?
Anything made before the nineties, and after the sixties for American sunglasses. Back in the day RayBan was owned and manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, a company that also made helmets for fighter pilots. (The classic RayBan Aviator used to be standard issue for fighter pilots) The Bausch and Lomb RayBan glasses are heavier, and were all handmade. The vintage wayfarer II's that I own are much larger and heavier than their modern-day counterparts.

For Persols, anything made before 1993, when Luxotica Corp. purchased the Ratti factory and ruined everything. Before 1993, persol shades came in many different shapes, sizes and variations of silver arrows and Meflecto systems. (Meflecto systems are the vertical bars that help the frame bend to the wearer's face)

Do you have a dream pair of shades?
My dream pair would be a folding Ratti 749 with blue lenses, the ones McQueen wears in the original Thomas crown affair, but Christies just sold a pair for over 120,000£.
But for what I am willing to pay for a pair of vintage glasses, I want a pair of tortoise Ratti 649's with colored mirror lenses. I have a guy looking for those right now, and after I get that pair, it will be the last pair I buy. I swear. Maybe just one more...

Next pair you have your eyes on?
Currently looking for a pair of Ratti's for a belated 25th present.

How do you decide which pairs to wear and when?
Classic, plain tortoise ones I wear everyday. The wild, eclectic ones I wear  during not so every-day activities. I once wore my mirrored Ray Ban Lennon tea-shades while working cattle, and I have worn some of the funky fresh others with jacket and tie.
Sunny Scarlette

How did you choose the ones you gave Scarlette for Christmas?
I bought Scarlette a pair of Ratti 69208's for Christmas. I thought she would like a pair that was as unique as she is. The 69208's were good because they look like they could be found in an 80's  country club lost and found.
I also bought a pair of Red mirrored Ratti's for Tommy's birthday, he walks to the beat of his own drum, and I think I found some shades that can walk with him.

Tommy the Ginger

I think I'd have to agree there. Pretty keww...

It's a Mo-thing, these fold up
Although Laz has a couple of other favorite accessories, Persols are on his list too!
Wishing everyone a shade-y, safe, wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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