chapter ii

chapter ii


Parkside Austin

Sometimes after a wild weekend, an underdressed over-judged extra smart couple of days at market, a very intense run in the extreme Texas heat, you just want to go on a calm and delicious date. Such was the situation last night when that time came up where you either decide pick-up, cook-in, or go-out. 
We chose go-out, and were quite pleased with decision thanks to Parkside
It wasn't our first delicious meal there, but seemed especially nice last night. While watching all of the hooligans and rif-raf toddle down the dirty side of 6th street, we were unclear on what the restaurant has to do with a park side. Alternatively, we were very clear with what Parkside has to do with tasty tartare, refreshing citrusy fluke, and buttery baby artichokes. And French fries are never a bad last minute addition.

The atmosphere is fun, the lighting low, the pictures on the wall nostalgic. Aside from a Best Wurst, I'm pretty sure this is the best and only reason to go that far down 6th, and I recommend you do just that very soon.  

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